Why are we called Noble Bereans?

Read Acts 17 and you’ll find out! Basically, they were a group of Jews who loved hearing the Apostle Paul teaching about Jesus, but they cross-checked what he said with the Bible to make sure what he was saying was true!

They treasured Christ and the Scriptures in their hearts – and that’s what made them noble!  We take inspiration from these noble Bereans as we make sure the Scriptures are at the heart of our music.

About OUR songwriter

Kingsley Davidson

G'day, I'm Kingsley Davidson - the singer/songwriter for Noble Bereans. I've been a Christian since I was 10, though God chose me in Christ before the world was made ! *mind blown* (check out Ephesians 1:4)

A child of the 80's, my mum fed me a steady diet of Keith Green, Michael W Smith and Amy Grant.  She also read the Bible to me, my parents took me to church, and by God's grace I had an unwavering confidence in the Bible from childhood.

I have a wife of noble character and my quiver is full with two delightful daughters (check out Psalm 127). We gladly drive over an hour from our home in Forrest to worship God with the Geelong West Presbyterian Church every Lord's Day.